RX-5 220 volts Rolling Code Receptor

39,50 IVA NO incluido

433.92 MHz. Rolling code receptor

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433.92 MHz. Rolling code receptor.

It has 2 monostable channels that allow handling up to two doors.

220 volt power supply.

Possibility of customization to make it uncopyable.

Operable with DTM-ROLL or DTM-HUGO among others.

Maximum capacity 400 users.

Possibility of customization with Rolling Plus or Future Plus programmer. (To do this, request without customization) or it can came customized from factory.

With Future Plus programmer, we can edit and modify user’s registrations and cancellations in the receptor’s memory.

For new installations or for placement in parallel with other receptors.

Being customized by the client who installs it, you will have the option of inserting a secret code that only he knows. This way NO ONE will be able to duplicate remote controls for that receptor except himself. To use this option, the use of the Future Plus or Rolling Plus will be mandatory.

Easy installation.

See user manual.

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