KIT 20 rotors Butterfly capacitor

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20 rotor capacitor kit

21 sets of rotor + stator + stator for capacitor 100mm X 80mm
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KIT 20 rotors Butterfly capacitor


5 X 250mm M5 Threaded Rods
21 sets of 1mm pcb rotor + stator + stator for capacitor 100mm X 80mm
M5/M5 rubber coupler
28BYJ stepper motor at 5V
Base set + base + 1.6mm pcb motor base
Assembled and programmed stepper motor driver
120 aluminum spacers of 4m M5. Inner diameter 5.1mm, outer 8mm
Box for electrical assemblies 241X180X95
50 brass washers
50 M5 brass nuts
10 lock nuts

With this capacitor, values ​​of 12pF to 150pF are obtained. If use a 1.40m diameter loop antenna (4.40m perimeter), it is almost guaranteed to resonate and have a SWR of less than 1:1.5, in the 17m-20m-30m-40m bands. 

A 4.40m loop and a small 88cm coupling loop are recommended.


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